Birthday Party

We organize quinceaneras. Your 15 years about and want everything turns out perfectly. If you really want to be the best of all, we have everything you need and we package that fits your budget.
We present a variety of options so you can choose, just choose what you want. You can also modify them according to your budget and needs.
Organization of the event.
Master of ceremonies.
Party room decoration, tables, chairs, sofa, lighting, awnings.
Arch with balloons for entry.
metal arch decorated with flowers and organza for head table.
Centerpieces with natural flowers.
Columns with balloons for the living room.
Local for your party 15 years.
Catering: Snacks, appetizers and dessert with a wide variety of flavors and textures. meat dishes, sauced, pasta, cheeses and dried fruits, caviar and seafood.
Buffet: Most popular appetizers include potato skins, chicken fingers, French fries, mini quiches with bacon, cheese balls with jalapeno, roasted cherry tomatoes, chopped fruit, vegetable sticks and a variety of sauces and dressings. A popular buffet includes sweet cookies, brownies and chocolate covered nuts. Drinks can be water, coffee, tea, juice and sodas.
Gourmet type menu: salmon fillet with apricot glaze, baked chicken breast with blue cheese and artichoke hearts and chicken piccata. sticks of asparagus with prosciutto, artichoke hearts grilled, biscuits feta cheese and pepper salmon canapes with cream cheese and rosemary.
Cake desserts and sweet snacks. An elegant birthday cake, desserts can be filled with chocolate cakes, tartlets with seasonal fruits.
Waiter service and safety.
Open Bar and Barman: Prepare good cocktails and delicious combinations of drinks.
Crazy time: 2 Harlequins.
Cotillion for quinceañera: Antifaz and most striking hat.
Cotillion for guests: Crazy Hats, wigs, masks, glasses, streamers, pica pica metal, whistles, rattles, necklaces, maracas, ties, headbands animal print, feather boa, bright bracelets, balloons, bonbardas and other holiday items.
Photos and video: Session artistic or thematic pictures, photos and video of the ceremony and party.
Dj, Musica varied fashion by request, reggaeton, commercial electronic music, salsa, national rock, pop, rap, cumbia, twist etc. (additional dance teacher, teaches choreography).
Lights: Laser projector on a giant screen, smoke machine, bubbles.
Live music group, and / or favorite singer.
favorite TV character.
Limo to take the place of the quinceañera party and walk around the city.
Give us your idea and make it happen.
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